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2017/04/09 Marie-France's birthday in L'isle-Adam (north of Paris) on Flickr (private album)
2017/03/12 Photo club Ballainvilliers : rewards of annual show (Flickr, private)
2017/02/03 Chtchoukine at Louis Vuitton's foundation (Flickr)
2017/01/28 Nadine's 13th birthday and bat mitzvah (Flickr, private)
2017/01/15 A walk in Paris : new Athenes, St Georges's area (Flickr)
2017/01/14 Match Handball Boulogne Levallois with Lucas (Flickr, private)
2017/01/07 Sophie Lucas Lucie Eric Cécile Enora Irène Didier at home (Flickr, private)
2016/12/27 Enora first birthday & baptism (Flickr, private)
2016/12/10 Amiens visit on a saturday afternoon & evening (Flickr)
2016/10/09 Mozart music school of Longjumeau : pop rock (Flickr)
2016/09/18 lunch at Procope restaurant, Paris (Flickr)
2016/09/10 Vaux-le-Vicomte castle visit (Flickr)
2016/09/04 Walk in Fontainebleau forest (Flickr)
2016/08/28 Celebrating Ganesh in Paris (Flickr)
2016/08/21 Cyprus holidays (Private)
2016/08/03 Cyprus underwater photos and videos (Flickr)
2016/07/17 Rosa Bonheur exhibition at Port Royal des champs (Flickr)
2016/07/17 Port Royal des champs : Rosa Bonheur painting Exhibition (Private)
2016/07/14 Paris firework on the tour Eiffel (Flickr)
2016/07/05 Irene's Birthday at the restaurant Saudade (Private)
2016/06/11 Visit at the national museum of azulejo, in Lisbon (Flickr)
2016/06/05 Portugal trip (private)
2016/06/05 Laura Cesana paintings (Flickr)
2016/06/02 Longjumeau inondations
2016/05/30 London Cambridge (private)
2016/05/29 London, Cambridge
2016/05/08 Persan Treport plane trip
2016/05/02 Walks around Asnelles, normandy (Flickr)
2016/04/29 Gonfleur (Flickr)
2016/04/28 visit of Etretat (Flickr)
2016/03/11 At Valmeinier with Marion and Roland (Private)
2016/02/10 Paris, La Villette, at night, with Ballainvilliers Photo Club
2016/01/23 Manuel, Jocelyne and Daniel's birthday (private)
2016/01/20 visit of Chartres Cathedral and a workshop of stain glass
2016/01/12 80th birthday of Giuseppe
2016/01/04 Champs Elysées, Paris, on a rainy night
2015/12/22 ALBG Meudon
2015/12/18 Added "Milly la forêt" and warm wine at Christian's in ALBG
2015/11/27 Nora birthday (private)
2015/11/13 Grand Palais : Picasso
2015/11/13 Louise Vigee LeBrun paintings at Grand Palais
2015/11/11 Walk in arboretum of Vallée-aux-Loups, Chatenay-Malabry, France, house of Chateaubriand (private)
2015/11/11 garden and house of Chateaubriand in Chatenay-Malabry, France.
2015/10/28 visit of Royaumont abbey
2015/10/16 Ajout de photos ALBG : Exposition Aquarelle et randonnée
2015/10/16 Ajout d'une page, avec son icône en forme de feuille, pour les sites préférés de Patricia, concernant les plantes sauvages et la manière de les cuisiner.
2015/09/28 Moon eclipse september 28th, 2015
2015/08/18 Visit of Ari, Lisa, Nadine, Darcey, Giuliano, Sue, Lucas in Paris
2015/07/22 Hollydays in Cyprus
2015/07/01 visit to Sainte Marguerite island, near Cannes, France

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